Thursday, February 14, 2013

We All Live In Our Living Room

The living room is very aptly named: it is the main space in the house (other than, perhaps, the kitchen) where you do most of your "living". Some homes have a "den" which gets tons of use, while the living room just sits and collects dust. And then there are those homes which have one big "great room".

Either way, having neat and tidy living areas is essential to keeping your from feeling overwhelmed and stressed the minute you walk in the door!

Living areas can have multiple functions, depending on your lifestyle. If you are single and don't entertain much, your living areas will require significantly different functionality from someone who has a large family and loves to have everyone over twice a month.

Assessing your needs and wants is key in this space.

Some people prefer to not have a television in their main living area. Some people have something akin to a home theater in their living area. Some people don't mind a tv, as long as it's hidden away and doesn't pull focus.

Some people have a massive library which they want access to in their living area. Some people have completely converted to digital books and no longer have a physical library at all. Some people have gone mostly digital but have a dozen or so special books that they'd like displayed prominently.

Some people have kids whose overabundance of toys so fully permeates the living area, that it now resembles a Toys"R"Us. Some people have pets whose chew toys and stuffed mice are strewn all over the place. Some people live alone, and without the embarrassment or guilt that accompanies being a slob around others, they have a hard time finding the motivation to keep their living area surfaces clutter-free.

Whatever your situation, there is a solution to address and resolve it.

If you would like help regaining control of your living areas, send your contact information to or call me at 214-509-8222.