Saturday, June 22, 2013

Oh Shoot! I Forgot To Pay The .....

Have you ever experienced that awful sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach because you've forgotten to pay a really important bill? You rush into your home office to verify the "Due By" date.....

But you can't even find the stinkin' bill itself because it's lost in a sea of papers so deep that a whale could go swimming in it! And now, you're going to be stuck paying a huge fine or late fee -or worse- get a ding on your credit report for having a late payment. Uggggh.

Keeping your home office organized, just like everything else, requires that some systems be put into place. What kind of systems varies greatly depending on your personality, your computer skills, your schedule, the number of family members in your home, your habits, etc.

It is also important to determine whether you only use the space for personal matters, for both personal and work, or primarily for work.

Even more frustrating than having a disastrously messy office is: once you finally get your home office organized, a month or two later, it's all in shambles again. The reasons this usually happens is because the home-owner:
  • thought short-term instead of long-term
  • didn't take their own bad habits or foibles into account
  • dealt with the symptoms instead of the root cause
  • just "cleaned up" without creating any new systems
Everyone is capable of having an orderly office space... and keeping it orderly. It's just a matter of working together to find the right solution for YOU.

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