Monday, July 8, 2013

Why Do I Have Thirty-Two Varieties Of Lotion?

If you've ever looked in your bathroom cabinets and found that you had at least a dozen bottles of lotion, or hair spray/mousse/shine, or body wash, or disposable razors... not to mention what's lurking in your medicine cabinet... then this post is for you!

When we imagine bathrooms filled with beauty products spilling out of every cabinet and every drawer, we often assume that they belong to a woman. But don't be so quick to assume.

I can't even tell you the number of male clients I've helped whose bathrooms had just as many products crammed into every inch of storage space available. Many of today's men (even men whom no one would consider "metro-sexual") use a lot more grooming products than their predecessors. And women -- well -- we're certainly no slouches when it comes to stockpiling beauty products.

There are actually two separate issues at play here:
  1. The first is simply an organization issue which can be solved fairly easily.
  2. The second is an issue surrounding how and why we purchase personal-care products.
Some clients want only to address the 1st issue, and that's perfectly fine.
But for those who are willing, learning solutions to the 2nd issue can:
  • be incredibly rewarding
  • save you money
  • increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your morning routine
  • improve your skin, hair, and overall health
  • eliminate toxins from your environment
  • ...and so much more...

If you would like help corralling and reducing your bathroom clutter, send your contact information to or call me at 214-509-8222.