Thursday, September 26, 2013

Simple Is As Simple Does

An organized room doesn't have to be complicated.
In fact, simplifying is one of the best ways to become permanently organized!

Take this laundry room, for example:

On the bottom shelf, the laundry detergent and *fabric softener (distilled white vinegar) have been decanted into glass jars. Not only does this look clean and attractive, but it also helps you easily see when you're about to run out of something. Next to the iron, a perforated white basket holds surplus cleaning rags and a lint roller. The cleaning rags currently in use are simply tucked into the wire shelf (which provides plenty of air circulation and convenient access).

On the second shelf, the bulk paper supplies are nicely lined up next to a white tub containing spare light bulbs. Out of frame is another tub which houses miscellaneous tools and parts.

The top shelf holds a white tub containing car-care items and painting supplies. A gallon of distilled water is within easy reach (great for homemade personal care products). A medium-sized clear bin is used to store empty glass jars and bottles (to be re-used later in craft projects and holiday gifts). Finally, a linen basket resides atop the dryer to carry 1 load of clean clothes back to the closet.

You don't always need to spend hundreds of dollars on storage solutions.
Sometimes, "simple" is the answer.

* Using vinegar as a fabric softener, along with dryer balls, eliminates the need for dryer sheets (which are full of unnecessary & potentially toxic chemicals).  This combo is incredibly cheap and eco-friendly!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

We Have Three Of Those Already

One of the best parts about being organized is that you end up saving tons of money!

Case in point: one of my clients got into a huge fight with his wife... over cereal.
He stopped at the grocery store on his way home from work to buy his favorite cereal. When he got to the house and his wife helped him unload the groceries, she became irate because they already had three boxes of the same cereal in the pantry. Here she was, watching every penny that they were spending - clipping coupons, and he had now bought a FOURTH box of cereal which would probably go stale before they could even use it.

Unfortunately, there was no way for poor Jim to know that... because everything was buried so deeply in their pantry that it was like a black hole of food boxes and cans. He just wanted his cereal.

It can work the other way around too: you might think you have plenty of something, but then when you get ready to use it, you realize you're all out. If you're a java-drinker like I am, being out of a staple like coffee will put a HUGE kink in your whole day!

The good news is, there is an organizational system to fit every pantry... and every family.

If you'd like to be able to see and use everything in your pantry, send your contact information to or call me at 214-509-8222.