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My name is Bree von López. I was born in Georgia but have lived in Texas for most of my life. 

I recently took an online test to determine whether I was right- or left-brained. The test said that I was exactly 50/50... which is very unusual! Honestly though, it didn't surprise me that much. Being "balance brained" has always been one of my greatest assets.

My left-brained side allows me to see things in organizational blocks, in systems, with structure. My right-brained side helps me make what could be very dull & boring into something beautiful & inspiring. It is this unique combination that enables me to work so well with an extremely diverse range of clients.

My family also lives in the Dallas area, and I really enjoy having the opportunity to spend time with them regularly. My sister is an incredibly talented photographer and interior decorator. She inspires me daily.

(serving the entire DFW Metroplex)


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