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The most important part of the process is The Consultation which will take 1 hour and is $65. But here's the best news: if you decide to proceed with your customized Design Plan, you will receive your first hour of organizing FREE!!

During our 1hr Consultation:
  • you will give me a tour of your "problem area(s)" and we will discuss your lifestyle & habits
  • I will make a digital blueprint of the room(s) and measure all factoring spaces
  • we will discuss your time-table and your budget
  • you will describe to me your style and/or favorite colors (if applicable)
  • we will talk about whether or not you would like to be involved in the organization process
After The Consultation, within 48hrs, I will provide you with a Design Plan which will include:
  • the estimated total time required for the project
  • a budget estimate, broken down into parts & labor
  • examples of the products I am recommending
  • an organizing "To Do" overview and design recommendations
If you decide to proceed with the Design Plan, we will immediately schedule a day to begin your project!


My primary goal is to help you achieve a sense of peace and calm in your home.
Generally, the process of organizing entails 4 main components:
  1. Sorting
  2. Purging / Donating
  3. Assessing Needs/Space & Devising Systems
  4. Building & Organizing/Labeling
SORTING:  Sorting is the most overwhelming of all the steps. Here you are...faced with a daunting pile of who-knows-what...and who knows what to do with it all?!? Sorting often requires a great deal of physical labor, and it is also often where the majority of the project hours are spent.
PURGING/DONATING:  Once everything has been sorted through, it will become more readily apparent what should be thrown away as trash, what could be donated, and what you'll want to keep. You can have as much or as little say in this part of the project as you'd like. Some people like to completely give over the reins and only want to be there for the "reveal". Some people want to make executive decisions on each and every item. Both methods are perfectly fine (although the latter, admittedly, takes a little longer). They are *your* things and will be handled with the utmost care and respect -- either way.
ASSESSING/DEVISING:  After the purge, a great deal of planning & measuring will need to go into how best to organize your available space. This part of the project is when most of the storage solutions will be purchased. The types of storage solutions we use will depend heavily on your budget. I make it a priority to know what types of solutions are available at *every* price point, so whether we're shopping at Walmart or The Container Store or Scott + Cooner, I've got you covered. And if your budget is extremely limited, we can shop around your own home and see what can be re-used or re-purposed.
BUILDING/ORGANIZING:  With the storage solutions purchased, the final step is to put everything into place. This step usually involves some building, some drilling, some hammering, moving furniture, etc. I pay close attention to making sure all systems are labeled & organized in ways that will make sense to you, so that on-going maintenance isn't an issue. When everything is finished, I will bring you in for the "reveal" and look forward to seeing the joy and calm wash over you!

Additional services I provide include:

  • hauling away items to be donated (1 car-load per visit)
  • light cleaning of the space during the project and upon its completion
  • filling nail holes (if you have matching paint available for touch-ups)
  • recommendations on how to take your space to the next level (beyond what the budget will allow)
  • maintenance tips on how to KEEP the space looking beautiful and clutter-free
  • a 20% discount on your next project - if you refer a friend & they book a project of their own

CALL ME TODAY, so I can start de-cluttering your space & making it work for you!
(214) 509-8222

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